Effective Advocacy Works! (Part II) by Claudine Vass

The blog “Effective Advocacy Works” (Part I) was published during city elections in April because the community finally saw the change that they had been hoping to see. It took a while but it happened. Advocacy is definitely long and arduous. It has also been proven to have an intangible

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The Problem with Breed Discrimination by Mara Hartsell

Breed-specific discrimination and the restrictive laws inspired by it profoundly impact innocent dogs and responsible pet guardians. Simply because of a dog’s appearance, he may be labeled as aggressive and dangerous by an apartment complex, a local neighborhood, or even an entire city. His caretaker is then met with a

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Let Compassion Rule to Unmask Status Quo By Claudine Vass

  While our community was getting ready for fireworks, special food and festivities to celebrate freedom and the birthday of our great nation, an act at the base of all core values was retaliated in a mall in Katy, Texas. A responsible and level headed teenage employee at a famous

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Virginia Mayor Sets Example for All Municipal Shelters by Mara Hartsell

Levar Stoney, Richmond’s youngest mayor, actively transforms the potential many see in government animal shelters, elevating them from simple “animal control” agencies to effective animal adoption facilities. In 2016, Stoney’s leadership enabled Richmond Animal Care and Control in Richmond, Virginia to reach an 89 percent save rate, up from its

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“The Bond We Share” by Sarah Travis

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened” Anatole France. The bond we share with our pets is hard to describe. I was lucky enough to discover this secret joy at a young age with Cocoa, our family’s black Labrador. She celebrated my childhood delights

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You Can Do It! by Claudine Vass

Two years following its inception, Fort Bend Pets Alive! has received an invitation to be a guest on a radio show for the first time. Considering the increased attention from our community, public officials, and media friends in the recent months, I, Claudine, was nicely surprised to have the opportunity

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